BWshells has a total of 11,000 sq. m. of premises, of which 5,500 sq. m. are enclosed and outfitted for heavy boilerwork. To carry this out we have 16 cranes with a maximum lifting capacity  of 110 tonnes.

We specialise in the manufacture of rotation products, sheet rolling with a maximum cold thickness capacity of 150 mm and in the case of hot rolling a maximum of 300 mm.We have 6 bending machines with a capacity of up to 2200 tonnes.

Moreover, we have 4 submerged arc welders (SAW) we use to weld 95% of our products, since one of them has a 300 mm diameter drive roll. We implement procedures that are approved according to ASME and EN for carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel materials (SA-516 Gr 70, SA-387 Gr 11 Cl 22, 20 MnMoNi 4-5, AISI 316, AISI 321, etc.).

In addition, we have 2 folding presses with a capacity of up to 500 tonnes, 2 tables with cutting capacity of up to 300 mm for carbon steel and 100mm for stainless steel, 1 furnace for heat treatment (softening, normalizing) and various light machinery appliances.

Our quality department has operators who hold level II certification from Certiaend for PT, MT and UT. RT and TOFT activities are outsourced to approved companies. In order to perform size checks, we have a laser tracker operator.